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Take control of your fitness with detailed training plans, on-demand videos, and more

One App for All Levels of Training


Plans available for multiple distances and time goals. New plans are added monthly.

Plan Descriptions

Each plan has a detailed description including the recommend fitness level for that plan to help you choose the plan that’s right for you

Choose Your Start Date

All plans are 90 to 120 days, so plan your start around your next race to build and peak for race day

Detailed Workouts

Every workout has detailed instructions to help you make the most out of your training.

On-Demand Videos

Choose from a variety of ASHKICKN Series and follow along to on-demand videos filled with instruction, guidance, stories, sweat and fun!




Month (paid annually - $360/yr)



Month (paid semi-annually - $240/6 mo)



Month (paid monthly)

Unlimited Access to All Race Plans, Workouts, and Programs including the ASHKICKN On-Demand Video Series.

Your ALL-ACCESS membership also includes these benefits:

Truly unlimited access.
No additional purchases for any program or plan. All current and future plans, programs, and workouts including all ASHKICKN On-Demand Video Series are included in the membership.
Detailed race plans.
Plans for every level from beginner to advanced. Each plan includes a plan description with a specific recommended fitness level to help you choose the plan that’s right for you.
Not just race plans.
ASHKICKN On-Demand Video Series as well as Strength and Mobility Plans for Endurance Athletes are also available
New plans and workouts added and updated monthly
See FAQ for current list of available plans
Flexibility in your training
Don’t get stuck with a single plan. If you get started with any plan and realize it’s too easy or too hard, that’s OK, unlimited means unlimited. Choose any plan at any time and add it to your calendar.
In between races? No problem!
Join the included, on-demand ASHKICKN workout series to maintain your fitness and build your base.
Access to exclusive partner discounts.
Strength and Mobility for Endurance Athletes
Discounts on all other purchases at
All members receive up to 35% off all apparel and accessory purchases at
Access to Member-Exclusive Facebook community
Access to monthly group coaching calls specifically organized by plan participation
Onboarding assistance and access to our team of customer service experts who are all certified personal trainers and/or coaches
Exclusive discounts and early access to all ASHKICKN retreats and training camps

We also pledge to reserve 10% of all membership sales to donate to charities of our choosing

Your Daily ASHKICKN (Coming SOON)


Month (paid annually - $180/yr).



Month (paid monthly).

Don’t want to race? No Problem! We got you covered with the Daily ASHKICKN. Join me and my friends today and get access to TWO daily editions: The Daily ASHKICKN Running edition and the Daily ASHKICKN Cycle edition.

Your Daily ASHKICKN membership also includes these benefits:

Your Daily ASHKICKN membership will include 5 weekly workouts for each edition with 2 days a week specified as active recovery or rest days. Yep, that’s a total of 10 workouts a week and 40 workouts a month.
Each workout will be provided in on-demand video format AND text-based format in case you want to take your workouts outside.
Each workout is accessible for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.
Each edition will either focus on running or cycling. Each workout MAY be either entirely on the treadmill or cycle OR include a combination of bodyweight and agility movements to create a fun, sweaty, HIIT, or circuit-style workout.
Flexibility in your training. The app offers the ability to move workouts in your calendar so you choose which days to workout and when to take your rest days.
Can’t choose? Totally normal. You don’t have to choose. You can do both the Running and Cycle workout every day if you want.
Access to exclusive partner discounts
Up to 35% off all apparel and accessory purchases at

We also pledge to reserve 10% of all membership sales to donate to charities of our choosing

What people are saying about ASHKICKN...

"I have been training with Ashley for almost 3 years now. She is one of the most energetic and inspiring people I’ve ever seen. Ashley makes every workout fun, challenging, and rewarding. She is incredibly knowledgeable and provides a variety of excellent training. I am a stronger, more confident woman because of her!"
- Amy
"Ashley is a top notch trainer. She is not just a trainer but also a teacher. Her knowledge and experiences show what can be done by anyone that tries. I look forward to many more workouts with Ash!"- Alan
"Ashley is the best coach. Her training program is amazing. She pushes you to achieve your goals. She is super funny, knowledgeable, and just an amazing human being and phenomenal athlete. I highly recommend to get her program and crush those goals of yours."- Yana